the art of building and design


After graduating with a degree of visual arts and arctictecture, Renee realized that design was where her heart was, so her commercial design career shifted gears and channeled all her energy and efforts into tayjoley interiors firm, as this firm was the secondary design career while working in corporate america as a creative director with a number of firms in hospitality and theme park industry.

Tayjoley is an avenue for navigating the passion for interior design art, architecture and the appreciation of all thing beautiful. Our focus is to assist our clients to achieve their ultimate design goals.

We enjoy developing personal relateonships and listening to the client needs, inspirations, and challenges. Then by preparing a tailored plan, we enhances their everyday lifestyle through interior design art and creative direction.

Today, Tayjoley continues to design homes spaces in a variety of states, as we bring the vision of design and comfort to many projects with a need for design.


Taylor is our Senior Designer at Tayjoley. Her life has been filled with design, growing up she was exposed to both construction and interior design through her parent professions. Interiors grew into a passion she pursued in college, graduating from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina with a Bachelor’s in Interior Design.

Taylor has now worked professionally in interior design for over six years and in that time she has had the opportunity to pass the tests required and now holds a NCIDQ certified license. She has worked on projects ranging from commercial design such as small clinics and large government hospitals to private residential properties spanning all sizes. Taylor’s extensive experience in both construction, computer programs, and interior design allows her to design and execute spaces.

IIDA – membership
NCIDQ – Certified Interior Designer


Jordan is our design assistant and landscape design liaison. Jordan has a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina. Though her degree is in biological sciences she has always had a green thumb and a passion for landscape design. In her years working with Tayjoley assisting the interior design department, she has learned all the ins and outs of construction and ensures things run smoothly for our clients and design staff.
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